What precautions are you taking for COVID-19?

The facility is cleaned using disinfectant cleaner at the end of each day.  Our staff wear masks for your child's protection.  Our facility has separate AC systems for each classroom and we also open windows to improve ventilation.  We disinfect surfaces and supplies regularly.

What are your mask requirements?

Our staff wear masks for your child's protecting. Children 6 and under do not wear masks.  Children ages 7-10 will be provided with disposable masks when we are doing experiments and other activities in close contact with each other. Children will be able to remove masks when seated and during outdoor recess and lunch. Children ages 11+ are asked to wear masks. Students will have opportunities to remove masks throughout the day.

My child is 5 but will not be entering K.  Are they too old for the PreK  camps?  

No.  There is a separate class just for the older students. They will do more challenging activities.  A younger 5 yr old will enjoy the PreK camps.  

Will  my 4 yr old be with 2 yr olds in the PreK camps?

No, we have three separate classrooms and 3 separate teachers.  We divide the children into small groups of 6-10 students depending on their age level and maturity, and do different activities.   They are only together  at the beginning of the day for drop-off and at the end of the day for pick up.  

Can I just enter my 4 yr old in the Discovery Camps for ages 5-8?

No, student must  be entering K for this class, as it has older students in it as well and we want the children to all be on a similar level.  There is usually quite a maturity difference between a 4 and 5 yr old.  Older students  can generally cut well with scissors, know how to use glue and glue sticks, and can sit and pay attention for longer periods of time, etc.  Younger students still need lots of help with these kinds of activities.  

I am a homeschooler, my child is 6 but has completed third grade.  Can I put them with the older group?

No, please enter your child in the correct class for their age level.   The age divisions are based on maturity levels and not on academic skills.  Although very bright children may be significantly out performing their peers in math and reading areas, they typically are not more mature  and may in fact lag behind their peers emotionally.    Gross motor and fine motor skills are also generally at the age-level and not advanced.  Since, for the most part,  our classes are hands-on and not textbook based children will be better off with their age group based on their emotionally maturity and manual dexterity.  We have found over the years that very advanced students are usually much happier with their age group than with older students.

I need to register at the last minute, do you have space available in... ?

Our online registration system has the most up to date information.  You can register online anytime prior to the day of class.   If they system shows that spaces are available, they are!  If a class is full, you can sign up for our waitlist and you will be contacted if a space opens up.  We frequently DO have last minute cancellations so we do have spaces open up.  Please do not just "show up" the morning of class, as we may have to turn you away- you can even log in the morning before class to register.  

Do you pro-rate for vacations?

We have a wide range of options for camps.  Many of the camps are single day camps, so you will register for the individual days you need only.  

We do not pro-rate for the one week camps.  These camps have limited spots available, so if a child is accepted for just a few days, we cannot take another child for the full camp.   Also, some of the activities carry over from one day to the next, so it is best to register for the full week.   

We do pro-rate for private lessons in the summer.  You will only be charged for lessons attended, provided we have adequate notice of cancellations.  Please see the class policies for more details.