Summer Camps ages 5-6

Come and enjoy a wide range of fun and educations activities with our summer preschool   program!    Your child will rotate through multiple activity units each day, such as art, sensory play, story time, music, math or science activities, imaginative games, guided play and much more! Even better, our flexible "pick your days" registration allows you to plan around your summer events and activities. 


The Summer program is for students with a minimum age of 5 as of Sept 1, 2023.  We have separate classes with different activities  for young PreK students, older PreK students,  Kindergarten students, and first/second grade students.  

 Each day, we separate into  separate classes  and classrooms.  We have 6-10 students in each class and a lead instructor for each class.      Students are grouped with other children of similar age and skill level so that younger twos are not with older students.  We do try to keep friend groups together for summer!


There are 9 weeks in our Summer program.    Classes meet 4 days a week, Mon-Thurs from 9:00 am -2:00 pm.      Students register for individual days- sign up for one or two weeks, or come once or twice a week- your choice.  Cost is $50  per day, SAVE 10% with early registration- $45 when you register before May 15th!  Class dates and themes  are as follows:

WEEK 1 June 5-8 At the Ocean

Come on an adventure with us as we explore At the Ocean! We'll enjoy fun activities with sand and water and learn about creatures you might find under the waves.  We will make boats and see what sinks and what floats.   In art, we'll create fantastic fish and ocean scenes.

WEEK 2: June 12-15 Around the World

Students will enjoy  learning about other countries and cultures as they take an imaginary trip  around the world! We'll travel from deep in the rainforest to high in the mountains as we  exploring the exciting cultures of  Germany, Japan, China, Brazil,  Mexico  and more! We will find each country on the map and learn about their culture through literature and activities.  We will incorporate music, movement, drama, and folk tales native to each country.  We will experiment with art activities such as making an African decorative mask, a German clock, and Japanese koi fish. There is plenty of room for creativity as your child learns about each rich culture. 

WEEK 3: June 19-22 Let's Go Camping!

Your child will love having a camping adventure! We'll enjoy activities related to camping and the great outdoors including learning about bugs and plants.

WEEK 4: June 26-30: Junior Archaeologist

In this exciting class, students will explore rocks, the earth, and people who lived long ago through archaeology and geology. Young paleontologists will dig for dinosaur bones and make their own fossils. We will have our own archaeological dig and reconstruct pottery shards.  We’ll find out how archaeologist learn about ancient civilizations from long ago and explore ancient civilizations.   mosaics and pottery inspired by ancient works for art.   It’s a blast to the past your kids will love!

WEEK 5: July 3-7 Favorite Authors 

 Come explore your favorite children's books! We'll enjoy favorite books and so many fun art activities, games, and experiments  that go along with them.  From Maurice Sendak to Dr Seuss, many favorite books will be explored this week in class.

WEEK SIX July 10-14 Princess and Pirate

Come enjoy a fairy tale adventure! We'll travel the high seas and visit castles as we enjoy books and crafts related to princesses and pirates. 

WEEK SEVEN July 10-14 Animals All around

In this class we'll explore all sorts of animals, from pets to the jungle!  We'll enjoy having our own pet show, creating animal habitats, and searching for animals on a safari.  We'll also get to see and touch (with close supervision!)  a variety of animals- from hamsters and rats to giant millipedes, turtles, and snakes.   You don't need to travel to the zoo to see our zoo of pets!    Your child will leave with  new appreciation for our furred and scaled friends!

WEEK EIGHT JULY 24-27 Big Messy Art

It's art. It's big. And it's MESSY! In this class we will finger-paint, foot-paint, splatter-paint, create giant sculptures, and generally have a wonderful, messy time. We'll be exploring the creative art process, so some of our projects you may not want to take home with you- but we'll take some pictures of the activities for you to enjoy! We may sneak some science experiments in too! Be sure to wear very old clothes, because we WILL get dirty!!

WEEK NINE JULY 31-AUG 3 Up in the Air! 

In this class we'll enjoy all sort of things that you find in the air, from birds to hot air balloons!  Students will enjoy making a nest, listening to bird calls, and flying airplanes. 



Absence and Make-Up Policy

It is an unfortunate fact everyone is occasionally sick. It is courteous to call and let us know, with as much advance notice as possible, of any absence due to illness. We ask that ill students remain home to avoid spreading the illness to other students and teachers. Children need to be without a fever for 24 hour to return to class. Children who are vomiting should not have vomited in the last 36 hours.  Due to the small class size and limited spaces available, we regret that we cannot offer make-up classes for the summer session.  

Schedule Changes  

There are NO REFUNDS for any reason once you have registered for a class.  If your schedule changes, we are happy to move you to different class if there is space available, or give you credit for another camp or class.  Due to the popularity of the preschool program, we must have  7 DAYS NOTICE  to make class changes.   We are not able to reschedule cancellations or absences with less than 7 DAYS notice.

Snack / Lunch

Parents are asked to pack a lunch and a snack for their child. We may occasionally have other snacks as part of our curriculum, so be sure to let us know of any food allergies. Please also pack a spill-proof cup with a drink for your child as we do not have a water fountain. We ask that all drinks be in a spill-proof cup to avoid accidents. All cups should be labeled with your child’s name. 

When packing lunch, please make sure it is "kid friendly" - have items pre-cut and items such as oranges already peeled (please do not pack whole oranges as children cannot peel these themselves.)   Also, please do not pack items such as shredded cheese, rice, or sunflower seeds that are very messy for your child to eat and make a big mess on the floor.

Potty Training

We do not require that children be potty trained to enroll. We will take regularly scheduled potty breaks during the day to help your child with potty training.   Parents are asked to provide a diaper bag with diapers and wipes for children who are not potty trained, and to  make sure they have a fresh diaper when they arrive.


Please provide an extra change of clothing (or two!) to have on hand in case of spills or accidents.  Be sure to include extra underwear for children who are potty training.  We do lots of messy art projects, so please wear OLD CLOTHES to class!  We do not use smocks when painting.

Pick-Up / Drop Off:

To protect our students we do not allow parents in the classroom during drop off and pick up.   Please stay in your car and join our drop off line, a teacher will come to the car to help your child in and out.  DROP OFF BEGINS AT 9:00 am, and pick up is BETWEEN 1:45 and 2:00 pm. 

Late Pick Up:

PICK UP FOR SUMMER PREK is between 1:45 and 2:00 pm.  Please arrive in this window to pick up your child.  A late pick up fee of $25 will be charged to the card on file for parents arriving after 2:05 pm. 


Please be certain that a valid e-mail address is included with your registration, and that you selected to "send e-mails to family."  E-mail is used for important class updates.

Severe Weather:

In the event of severe weather or hurricane evacuation, we will close based on FISD.    An e-mail will be sent out in the event of a weather related cancellation, you may also check our Facebook page for updates  Such cancellations are considered “acts of God. ”  There will be no refunds, but a credit that can be used towards other classes at Friendswood Music & More will be placed on your account for any "act of God"  cancellation.

Last Minute Registration

You are welcome to register online at anytime prior to class starting.  You can register the day before or evening the morning of.   Our regular price per class is $50, price goes up to $55 the week before class for late registration.  The online registration system has the most up to date info on classes.   As long as there are spaces available you may register for the class.   If the class is full you may register for a waitlist, but that does not guarantee availability.  Please make sure you are officially registered for class before arriving, students who are not on the official class schedule may be turned away due to class size.


Pick and choose the classes you'd like- tuition is only $50 a day!  You can come once a week, twice a week, or only one or two weeks.   Spots are filling fast, register early to secure your dates.

Fine Print:

Payment in full is required to hold your spot in class.  There are no refunds unless class is cancelled by Friendswood Music and More.  Make-ups classes will not be available due to the small class size and limited space available. 

How To Register

To register,  please use our online registration link at the bottom of this page.  Classes are listed under "Summer 2023."  Classes are listed on the days that they are held.  Select the days you need.