Piano Lessons at Music and More

Piano is the perfect beginning instrument. The fundamental concepts learned in piano can be used with all other instruments studied.  The logical layout of the keys from low to high makes finding notes simple for young students.

We offer both group and private piano classes, as well as a special general music / piano class for young students called "Kindergarten Keys."   If your child is 4-6 years old, please click hear to read about options for our youngest students.  

We generally recommend around age 7 as a perfect age for beginning private  piano lessons- ideally midway through the first grade year.  Children are able to read and have good physical dexterity as well as  longer attention spans for practicing.  In general, we recommend that beginning students ages 6-7 consider a semester of group piano before moving into private lessons, but private lessons are available for students in first grade and up.   Cost for private lessons is based on an hourly rate.  It is $100 for a 30 min lesson meeting once a week, $150 for 45 minutes, and $200 for an hour.  We start with a 30 min lesson for beginners and recommend moving to 45 minutes around the time the student moves into the level 2 material.  The speed at which the child progresses depends on the amount of time they spend practicing outside of class.  


Group piano is a great option for the beginning piano student.  It allows students to learn the basics of music notation and keyboard geography in a fun group environment.   The interaction with other students helps to keep the student interested and motivated and also allows the teacher to review concepts through fun games and group activities rather than flashcards.  Another advantage of group lessons is the focus on playing in an ensemble.  Ensemble playing helps student learn to maintain a consistent rhythm when playing.   Maintaining a steady rhythm is frequently a problem area for beginning students. We use the Mayron Cole group piano method in our group classes.   Written by a piano instructor with 45 years of teaching experience, The Mayron Cole Piano Method emphasizes staff-note reading, rhythm counting, music theory, and sight-reading to teach beginners through advanced pianists how to read music, become independent musicians, and accompany other musicians.   Because young students can quickly become bored with private lessons, we believe group lessons, with their enjoyable social aspect, are a great  choice for beginning students, especially for more active students ages 6-7.     Our experienced instructors will break the class up into private lessons once the students have mastered the basics or if the students are moving at different speeds.   We usually keep groups together for 1-2 years.  Group piano classes meet once weekly for 45 minutes, and cost is $85 a month.  

With group piano, it is important that students are all the same age, and they all have to start at the same time. Therefore, group lessons are only available at certain times of the year. We start new classes each summer, September, and January.