This page covers the tuition and fees for all Kindermusik classes.  Please be sure to read all policies before registering!

All Kindermusik classes meet for a total of 45 minutes once a week.  Classes are billed on an ongoing monthly basis.  

Registration Fee:

There are no registration fees for students attending the classes with new digital home materials.   For some classes with physical home materials, a materials fee may be due at registration. 


Tuition is $75 per month for all classes with the monthly digital materials.  Your monthly tuition includes monthly digital materials including song downloads, online storybooks,  and interactive websites with additional activities.   The Kindermusik for the Young Child/Kindergarten Keys class includes piano and is $100 / month.


You may attend a free demo class with no obligation, but we cannot reserve a spot or order materials until payment has been received. 


Sibling discounts: Families who have two or more children enrolled in Kindermusik classes will receive  $10 off the second child or class.

Please enter the code FAMILY at registration to ensure your account is credited with the proper discounts.


There are NO REFUNDS unless class is cancelled by Friendswood Music and More, so please be sure before making payments.  


Families who choose to pay up front for five months of Kindermusik will receive their sixth month free.  Pricing will be the regular class pricing as listed above.


Due Date: Lessons for the month are paid in advance.   Payments are due on the 25th of the preceding month for the next month’s lessons.

All students must have a valid credit or debit card on file.  Your payment will be charged to your card automatically on the 25th of each month.    This simplifies record keeping.     You may choose to pay for multiple months in advance, please remember there are no refunds if you decide to withdraw.   In the event the credit card on file is declined, the family will be contacted via e-mail and be given a 5 day grace period to update their payment information before a $25 late fee is charged.  Students who do not wish to have a credit card on file may choose to pay up front for the year.

Check Payment:

Families are welcome to pay by cash or check if desired; however, we must receive the payment in the office by the 20th in advance for the next month’s tuition. Payments may be left in the payment drop box located in the front of the studio. If we have not received and posted your payment by the 25th we will run the tuition to the credit card on file. We have had problems with late payments in the past and do not have the staff to continually deal with this problem. These policies enable us to continue to offer an installment plan and cash/check payment option for our families.  As long as your check payment is received in a timely manner the card on file will not be charged.  

Withdrawal from program

You may withdraw at anytime.   Please  fill out the withdrawal form on the website.  The date this form is submitted will be considered the notification date of the withdrawal.  You must notify the office in by the 20th of the month to avoid being responsible for the next month’s payment.     We suggest you plan for your last lesson to be at the end of the month, as payments made for the month are non-refundable. Students who simply stop coming will continue to accrue charges until notice is received in the office.  We are sorry, but we cannot issue refunds after your payment has been made if you forget to withdraw in time.

Absence and Make-Up Policy:  School Year Session (Sept-May)

It is an unfortunate fact that everyone is occasionally sick.  It is courteous to call and let us know, with as much advance notice as possible, of any absence due to illness.  Please contact your instructor directly instead of calling the main studio number to ensure your teacher receives notice of your absence in a timely manner.   We ask that ill students remain home to avoid spreading the illness to other students and teacher.  Children must be without a fever for 24 hour to return to class.  Children who are vomiting must not have vomited for the last 24 hours.   We reserve the right to ask parents to take ill students home to avoid spreading illness to teachers and other children.

Make-Up Policy:

Families may attend any other Kindermusik class of an appropriate age as a make up.  Students are asked to register for a drop-in class on the website for the  make-up class you will be attending so the teacher will expect you.   This will also allow you to be contacted in the event of a class cancellation or change.

All Kindermusik classes are limited in size, and students do best in a consistent class each week.  We ask that families please reserve make-ups for illnesses.  Families may attend up to 4 make up classes during the school year. If your regularly scheduled class is difficult for you to attend please let us know so we can move you to a more suitable class time.

Under no circumstances will a missed class “roll over” in the form of a tuition credit towards the next month, and there are no refunds for missed classes.  All makeups must be completed during the regular school year, classes missed at the end of the school year may not be make up during the summer session. You are responsible for payment for the full month’s tuition regardless of attendance.   Please understand that this is not a penalty, it is simply compensation to the studio for its resources and to your teacher for his/her time.  It can be helpful to view your tuition as a payment for reserving that specific time for you, regardless of attendance.