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Kindermusik Summer Camps

A Kindermusik summer camp is full of activities that are designed to nurture your child's natural curiosity, one that eventually draws her towards learning new words, new numbers, and new big ideas. In each class, we will sing, dance, play instruments, read stories, and have a wonderful time! 

This summer, we are offering one week camps as well as a four week session.   Scroll down for all the details!

Kindermusik Summer Session 2015


These Kindermusik classes sessions will meet once weekly for 45 minutes with the same format as our regular yearly Kindermusik classes.  Each session will include a set of digital home materials- these home materials include a music download and great activity ideas to use at home  OR a set of physical home materials.  Please view our "Schedule at a Glance- Once Weekly Classes" for class times.

KINDERMUSIK for lap babies and crawlers


Kindermusik for infants

This class is designed for lap babies and crawlers 

Class is for child and caregiver together

Infants may also enroll in any Family Time class

  Nature Walk &  Music Makes My Day

KINDERMUSIK for Young Toddlers ages 1-2

Kindermusik Sing and Play for Young Toddlers ages 1-2

This class is designed for new walkers and toddlers who are 2 and under.  Young toddlers may also enroll in any Family Time class

Class is for child and caregiver together

 Big Back Yard &  Rain or Shine

WIGGLE AND GROW (ages 2-3 or infant-3)

Note to Parents:  The classes listed as "Family Time" in the schedule will be using the Wiggle and Grow curriculum.  These classes are open to families with one or more children under 3 years.  If you have an 18 month - 3 yr old this class is the one for you.   It is specifically open for families who may have a younger sibling (such as a 2 yr old and an infant. ) 

The "Older Toddler"  class listed on the schedule is for toddlers aged 2 and 3 only,  if have a younger toddler or you also have a younger sibling please enroll in one of the Family Time classes instead.   


Wiggle and Grow is a music-filled class that celebrates the unique joys of the growing child. It features a mix of activities for parents and children that includes singing, dancing, and exploring and playing instruments. Children will get to practice their active listening, turn-taking, and social skills, as well as develop their gross- and fine-motor skills. Parents and caregivers will also get tips and ideas for using music throughout the week, taking the learning and fun home.

DOWN ON THE GROUND:  Look down and get grounded!  In this unit, we explore the world of creatures found at our feet.  We'll engage a child's natural curiosity as we hop like bunnies, crawl like caterpillars, and move high and low like squirrels.  We'll hear and imitate crickets chirping and dogs barking, perform a familiar spider fingerplay, and have fun with nonsense words too.  Through songs, listening activities, and vocal and instrument play we'll deepen the sense of wonder that children have about the world.

BEACH DAYS: Grab your beach ball and put on your sunscreen- Beach Days are here!  in this unit, we'll explore the sights and sounds found at the beach through songs, dances, vocal play, instruments, and listening activities. Get ready to wiggle your toes in the sand, scuttle like a crab, and listen to the surf rolling in.  Just like a day at the beach, this unit is full of sun, fun, and play! 

DIGITAL HOME MATERIALS:  This unit include DIGITAL HOME MATERIALS.  Students will receive downloadable music, books, and activities to do at home with their child.

KINDERMUSIK  ages 4-5 (3.5 yr olds may attend)

For preschoolers and students who will be entering K for fall.  

NOTE:  This class is listed on the schedule as ages 3-5.  3s are welcome in the class, however it works best for a little bit older students ages 3 and a half  or more.   It is a drop off class without the parent.   If your child has not yet turned 3 they may not enroll in this class even if they will be 3 for fall.  If you have a young 3 please consider the Wiggle and Grow class above for parent and child together.  We have an "older toddler" class scheduled for older 2s and 3s only.

Kindermusik Adventures ON THE ROAD!  

Your summer vacation becomes a musical learning theme, and makes the most of a preschooler's burgeoning imagination and ability to learn more words and solve problems. We’ll take imaginary trips to summer vacation locations such as the carnival, a summer cottage, and the beach.  

Take Home Materials: Include CD, Hardcover book and a wooden frog guiro instrument—just the right mix of sophistication and silliness. 


For students who have completed K and 1st grade


Additional camps may be added.

Through storytelling, your child will develop an early awareness of rhythm, movement, singing, and drama. Each lesson features a new tale from around the world, explored through multi-instrument and multi-cultural elements. All told, it's an around-the-imagination adventure of the greatest stories from Europe, Malaysia, South Africa, and more.  

Stories in this camp: 
European: Bremen Town musicians
; A Malaysian tale about a small deer who outsmarts a crocodile
; A story of six blind men and an elephant from India
; A Lazy Jack Appalachian folk tale about a kid who matches the wrong solution to his pocket problem
; A Zulu tale from South Africa about a woman who rides a turtle to the bottom of the sea to find stories to tell her children.

Take Home Materials: One CD featuring multi-cultural music book, parent poster and lummi sticks.