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If you are looking for some exciting summer camps right here in Friendswood, we are the spot for you!  We have a wide variety of camps  for your aspring writers, scientists, and musicians!  We have a variety of single day as well as one-week camps for 

Our Discovery Camps are a great option for our older students who have outgrown our summer classes for PreK .  We have camps for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and high school students!  All grades are based on your child's ages and the grade they will be entering for fall 2017.  For example, students who will be 5 as of Sept 1 and will be attending Kindergarten for fall will attend the K-2 class.  However, students who turn 5 in October or November will NOT be eligible for the K-2 camp, they would attend the PreK camp for ages 4 and 5.  Sorry, younger students are not permitted to join these camps.   If you have younger student  please click HERE for info on our summer PreK camps.


There are 11 weeks of classes. All Camps meet Mon-Fri unless stated otherwise.

COST FOR ALL SUMMER CAMPS IS $165 for the week.  Early bird discounts are available.

PLEASE SEE THE ART PAGE FOR ART CAMP DESCRIPTIONS.  Art camps are offered every week.

Camps are offered at the following times:

MORNING SESSION: 9:30 am -1:00 pm

students attending our morning session should pack a lunch, we will eat lunch during class time.  

AFTERNOON SESSION:  1:00-3:30 pm 

LATE AFTERNOON:  3:30-5:30 pm 


Before care:  7:30-9:30 am $30/week

After care: 3:30-6:00 $40/week




Please see the Schedule at a Glance for all class times! Then, scroll down for descriptions of our camps!



Come explore the rainforest with us! We'll learn about the different layers of the rainforest and explore the plants and animals that live in them. We'll enjoy fun crafts such as making our own rainforest terrariums and rainsticks.   We'll also look at weather and enjoy exciting experiments such as watching  a cloud form and creating instruments to measure the weather.  In art, we'll create some fantastic jungle landscapes and amazing animals with a variety of media including watercolors and oil pastels.  It's a marvelous adventures for your child to enjoy!


Watch out it's going to blow! Your mad scientist will have a BLAST in this hands on class! We'll explore chemical reactions and make elephant toothpaste and burping bags. We'll also design a variety of rockets and test them to see which design works best. We'll learn about different types of propulsion systems and much more! Come join us- it will be a BLAST!

Bring your dolls and enjoy a fun literature based camp this summer! We'll keep our reading skills fresh and learn about history as we read about Felicity, Samantha, Kit, and more of our favorite American Girls! We'll enjoy crafts, games, and dramatic activities. We'll even have a tea party! 


In this class we’ll explore the wonders in our own backyard! We’ll look at plants and how they grow, examine plant cells under a microscope, and create our own compost. We’ll look at the small animals found in the backyard including earthworms and caterpillars, create hypothesis and experiments, and learn about Linnean classification. We’ll also learn about weather and environmental concerns affecting our surroundings. Come and get your hands dirty!


Your child will get the opportunity to handle live snakes, lizards, and other reptiles and amphibians.   We'll get to see snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, and other reptiles that can be kept as pets and learn about their feeding and care.  We'll talk to local wildlife experts about local reptiles in the area as well as what to do if you  find injured wildlife.  We'll also enjoy a variety of art projects inspired by our scaly friends.

Chemistry can be  defined as the study of matter and energy and the interactions between them.  In this class, children will learn important facts about the universe through exploration, experimentation, and fun!     We will begin with an overview of  fundamentals  such as molecules and atoms and the phases of matter.  Once these basics are  covered, we'll explore different topics through fun and hands-on experiments.  Kids will enjoy experimenting with multiple types of slimes, goo, and playdoughs.  We'll talk about the science behind the unique properties of the various types of  goo and learn about different types of molecules and how they interact.   Kids will bring home samples of their slime!


In class, we will read mystery stories and try to decipher the clues and solve the mystery before the story unfolds at the end. Children will also have the opportunity to try their detective skills as we look at footprints, thumbprints, and other evidence that gets left behind. We’ll have fun making our own invisible ink as well as other hands – on activities. Of course, we can’t mention everything – some things must remain a mystery! Come and find out what other mysteries and adventures await!


Is your child interested in piano, but you’re not sure if they are really will maintain interest?   Come give them a “taste” with our one-week BLAST OFF class! Afterwards, sign up for a fun group piano class that will continue throughout the summer and into the fall!

This is a wonderful class for absolute beginners-   You do not even need to have a piano!   Children will learn some basics of rhythm and music, and learn to play enjoyable songs in an ensemble.   The week-long class will culminate with a short “recital” on the last day.   If students enjoy the class, they can then sign up for group piano lessons with a similar format or move on to private lessons.  


This class is for students who have already learned a bit of piano. We'll enjoy some fun songs including Disney favorites and songs from movies, and work on technique, theory, and ear training as well.  We'll also play some piano duets and ensemble pieces with our friends.   A short presentation will be held on Friday. We recommend this class for students who have had 1 year or more of piano.



This class is designed for students who are beginners with guitar.  It's a great chance to try out guitar!  We'll learn about chords and begin playing songs individually and as an ensemble.  We'll also learn a  bit about famous guitar players.  Students may attend this class multiple times, students will continue to build upon skills learned in class. 

Geology Rocks!

Come with us and learn all about the earth! We'll explore the layers of the earth and make a model showing the layers. We'll learn about the different types of rocks and minerals and look at a variety of specimens. We'll learn about Moh's hardness scale and explore a variety of types of rocks and minerals.  We'll enjoy fun activities such as making a crystal garden and other art projects. And of course, we'll look at different types of volcanoes- watch out, it may erupt!



In this class students will learn the basics of sewing and how to use a sewing machine.  In the first class, we will create a pair of pajama pants.  In the second class, students will continue with the concepts they have learned and create a pair of shorts.   All supplies provided, however students must bring their own sewing machine. 

Meet the Orchestra

Come learn about music and instruments in this class!    We'll discover the various families of the orchestra including percussion, woodwinds, brass, and strings.  We'll learn about famous composers and listen to famous music including Carnival of the Animals and the Nutcracker.  We'll talk about music from various regions as well as types of musical styles.  We'll learn about basic music notation and play along with bells and drums and sticks.  We'll even make a few instruments of our own! 

Renaissance Man

Do you know what a "Renaissance Man" is?  It is someone who is well rounded in many areas such as science, art, and science-  and Leonardo Di Vinci is the best example of a "Renaissance Man!"  We'll explore the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and look at his notebooks. We'll try our hand at recreating some of his famous inventions such as flying machines and more.  We'll also explore some other famous figures from the time period including Shakespeare!  

Passion for Poetry

Students will be introduced to poetic writing through works by Shel Silverstein and others.  We'll engage in the creation of collaborative poems, stage group performances, and create a class anthology of poems.    The class will engage in "reader theater," writing exercises, word games, and collaborative writing experiments, in a fun and relaxed environment.  Students will have a blast writing haiku, cinquains, and acrostic poems, and exploring free verse  and narrative forms as well.

Myth Busters

Have you heard that cabbage won't burn because it is full of chemicals?  Maybe you've even seen that Youtube video!  Well,  that's a myth that will be busted in this class!  We'll look at popular myths such as the 5 second rule , see if breakfast cereal really has iron in it, and find out exactly how much weight a balloon can lift!  We'll learn about the scientific method along the way.

Harry Potter Camp
Come and enjoy activities about your favorite wizard! We'll be sorted into our houses, select a wand, and brew up some potions- using chemistry of course! We'll enjoy reading and writing activities and even a game of quiddich, and try our hands at making cauldron cakes. You don't have to be a pureblood, even Muggles will love this camp!


In this class we will explore a variety of acting and storytelling techniques.  We'll lean about how to present ourselves from the moment we walk into an audition and how to shake off the nerves and take on a new character!  


This class will explore fun activities related to the Fourth of July! We'll paint fireworks, have a pretend camping adventure, and learn a bit about our nation's history.